"Jim Aldinger is a proven leader with experience as both Mayor and Councilman. Jim's dedication to public service in Manhattan Beach is unrivaled - you need Jim back as your Councilman."

Mike Gordon,
State Assemblyman,
53rd Assembly District


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Dear Neighbors,

It has been my privilege to serve as your Councilman for the past four years, and I look forward with renewed enthusiasm to the opportunity to complete what I’ve started.

I am running on my record; in my time as your Councilman, I have focused on preserving the quality of life and unique neighborhoods we have here in Manhattan Beach through my focus on public safety, fiscal responsibility and project management, and the environment.

Among my highest priorities, I am committed to building a new Public Safety Facility, on budget and with occupation by December 2005.  Also, I will be focusing on successful progress on the Metlox development as we chart new territory for a healthy downtown area with controlled growth – along with continued monitoring of ‘Mansionization.’ 

I also commit my continued support to our neighboring cities with regard to the LAX expansion, and the upcoming BRAC proposal for Los Angeles Air Force Base.

Thank you for your support, and for visiting my website.  Please read about my stance on the issues, my accomplishments, and my vision for the future.

I ask that you consider my results so far and examine my views on the issues that really matter to Manhattan Beach going forward – and I ask for your vote on March 8.

                                                            All the best,



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Jim Aldinger’s Accomplishments to Date Include:

  • Construction of a $15M two-story underground parking structure at the Metlox site, adding 460 new public parking spaces to help relieve the parking situation downtown
  • Breaking ground on a new, fully equipped $40M Public Safety Facility with 180 additional public parking spaces that is currently on budget, which was financed with $25M in cash – partly due to Jim’s role on the Finance Sub-Committee, which carefully planned and accrued these funds
  • Easing neighborhood traffic congestion by implementing a Neighborhood Traffic Management Program
  • Reducing bulk and density by implementing a second-story “open space” requirement and easing rules governing remodeling of homes
  • Implemented a moratorium on lot splits in the “Poet” section of Manhattan Beach
  • Designed upgrades to The Strand, with a $5M resurfacing, and moving benches to facilitate maintenance, and implemented other key renovations to Polliwog Park, and three Parquette locations
  • Built Centrifugal Filter Systems to divert storm water pollution from beaches, and instituted a “No Smoking Ban” to improve the cleanliness of both the beach and the ocean
  • Directed that overage funds paid to Los Angeles County be used toward purchasing Library land from the County in order to eventually own the property and expand services
  • Balanced the City’s budget for four years, and has obtained the City’s AAA Bond Rating – making Manhattan Beach one of only four cities in California and 55 in the nation to achieve this distinction, and is awarded to those cities which consistently plan and meet budget projections and initiate policies to ensure for adequate revenues
  • Worked with other elected officials in preparing to retain the Los Angeles Air Force Base; approved $40,000 in 2004 to support the effort
  • Worked actively with the Public Utilities Commission to oppose cell phone companies’ desire to split the (310) area code

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