"Jim Aldinger is a proven leader with experience as both Mayor and Councilman. Jim's dedication to public service in Manhattan Beach is unrivaled - you need Jim back as your Councilman."

Mike Gordon,
State Assemblyman,
53rd Assembly District


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Jim Aldinger for Manhattan Beach City Council
1828 Pine Ave.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Fax:  (310) 802-1941


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Councilmember, Manhattan Beach
Steve Napolitano

Former Mayors, Manhattan Beach
Former Mayor Russ Lesser
Former Mayor Walt Dougher
Former Mayor Bob Holmes
Former Mayor Joan Jones
Former Mayor Bill Switzer
Former Mayor Connie Sieber

Congresswoman, 36th District
Jane Harman

State Senator, 28th District
Debra Bowen

State Assemblyman, 53rd District
Mike Gordon

Former State Assemblyman, 53rd District
George Nakano

State Treasurer
Phil Angelides

MB School Board Trustees
Bill Cooper
Amy Howorth
Lynette Campbell

Redondo Beach Councilmember
Kurt Schmaltz

BCHD Board of Directors
Vanessa Poster
JoAnn Woodward

Manhattan Beach City Commissioners
Commissioner, Planning – Bruce Kuch
Commissioner, Planning – David Simon
Commissioner, Parking and Public Improvements – David Lesser
Commissioner, Parks and Recreation – Bob Bohner
Commissioner, Parks and Recreation – Portia Cohen
Commissioner, Cultural Arts – Sharon Greco
Commissioner, Cultural Arts – Candy Duncan
Commissioner, Cultural Arts – Wayne Powell
Commissioner, Cultural Arts – Alison Wright

West Basin Water District Director
Carol Kwan

Paul Allman
Marian Anderson
Madonna Newberg
Damira M. Bacic
Carol Bates
Jack Belasco
Gwendolyn Binegar
Robert Brigham
Mary Ann Brigham
Kathleen Bullard
Tom Bullard
Bob Campbell
Lynne Carscallen
Richard Carscallen
John Clifford
Evelyn Cochran
Frank Cochran
Oliver Coker
Joe Costa
Stacia Costa
Lyn Coulter
Martha Crommett
Marge Crutchfield
Brian Currey
Gail Currey
Dorothy Custer
Steve Davidson
Sig Davis
Anthony De Santo
Marion De Santo
Mario Di Sandro
Monica Di Sandro
Jim Duffy
Barbara Dougher
Bill Fee
Valerie Fee
Delpha Flad
Phil Flad
Shannon Foley
Barry Forman
Bill Franchini
Sandy Franchini
Manna Fred
David Freeman
Fran Freeman
Jack Freeman
Evelyn Gingrich
Phil Gingrich
Carol Glover
John Gummerman
Marsha Guerrein
Tony Hale
Barbara Hammer
Dorian Harris-Huberman
Judith Haueter
Karen Hill
Christi Hogin
John Hugunin
Michael Jenkins
Rose Kash
Sid Kash
Paul Kellis
Nancy Klosowski
Charlotte Lesser
Lillian K. Light
Martha Madison
Cathy May
Steve May
John McNay
Shizue McNay
Peter McNeil
Barbara Muelrath
Phil Muelrath
Vi Mullins
William Mullins
Ron Nathanson
Michael Neary
Anita Nelson
Alice Neuhauser
Lydia Ortiz
Sally Palm
Cliff Phillips
John Post
Ruth Purdon
Phyllis Ruderman
Lori Sakai
Mustapha Sesay
Dennis Sherbak
Kaye Sherbak-Gagnon
Bill Sieber
Lester Silverman
Rod Spackman
David Starke
Nancy Starke
Ruth Stroud
Carl Swallow
Ellen Swallow
Susan Sweeney
Kathleen Terry
Rick Thornton
Dana Thornton
Anne Timmer
Bruce Timmer
Jim Tredwell
Lisa Tredwell
Russell Tsuji
Peter Van Haften
Susan Van Haften
Lily Versoza
Elaine Weiner
Bob Weiner
Bob Willett
Pat Wooley
Genie Zirbel